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Network marketing is a lot easier to set up than if you were starting a business from scratch, but it still requires as much commitment and consistency as any other business in order to expand.

Network marketing offers so much value in terms of training and support. The beauty about this business is that you’re not alone.

Flexible No-Risk Business

Besides flexibility and access, part of the appeal of direct selling may be that money can be earned immediately the sale is made. There’s no waiting until the end of the month or the next payment cycle.

Product Selection

The direct selling industry offers a range of products within sectors such as health, beauty, homeware, financial and investment products, nutritional supplements and weight-loss management. Although it is preferable to choose products which you are familiar with or interested in, you will receive training on all products being offered by the DSA member company that you choose to join. Believing in your product is vital to effectively market and sell your product, as well as personal fulfilment.


Figures just released indicate that unlike many other sectors in the economy direct selling is growing, providing more micro-entrepreneurial and income generating opportunities for women. 

 Currently some 1 333 223 South Africans benefit from direct selling and have the opportunity to build their own small business, of which 72% are women.

Trusted - Unique opportunity for stay-at-home moms!!!

“Direct selling is also a good way for stay-at-home mothers to make a living, while being actively involved in the lives of their children. Getting started is generally easy, low cost and low risk.”.



Direct Selling is a professional distribution channel that offers entrepreneurial and income generating opportunities. Income is earned from Direct Sellers' personal sales to their customers as well as from sales made by members of Direct Sellers' teams. 

 Direct Sellers (independent contractors who may also be referred to as distributors, consultants, managers, sales agents, and independent business operators, among others) are entrepreneurs who market and sell products and services, typically away from a fixed retail establishment, through one-to-one selling, online sales, sales through social media platforms, group product demonstrations/presentations (also sometimes referred to as Party Plan) or a combination and with online support. It’s all about personal relationships.

 Income is based on sales of products or services. 

Direct Sellers also provide training and leadership to their teams. Single-Level Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Network Marketing and Referral Marketing are all selling systems, which offer a variety of compensation plans (financial reward) and marketing/administrative systems, individual to each DSA member company.

 Single-Level Direct Selling is the sale of products directly to a wide customer base and earning from profits on these sales. The profits are usually the differences between the price charged by the Direct Seller to the customer and the discounted price received by the Direct Seller from their direct selling company. 

 Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing or Multilevel Direct Selling have proven over many years to be highly successful and effective methods of compensating Direct Sellers for the marketing and distribution of products and services directly to consumers. As a multi-level marketer, the direct seller is often a product or service user themselves and sells products and services to a small base of their own customers as well as recruiting, training and developing their own team of Direct Sellers, who do the same. Income is generated from sales made across these various levels. 

 Hybrid Systems are emerging as more single-level direct selling companies now use elements of multilevel marketing as they recognise its potential for exponential growth. Over half of the direct selling companies worldwide and almost all new direct selling companies are multilevel. 

 Referral Marketing is where Direct Sellers earn an income from referring customers to an organisation, with the customers intending to buy products and services from that organisation. 

 Direct Selling should not be confused with Direct Marketing/Telesales/Direct Mail. Although direct selling organisations sometimes use direct marketing or distance selling techniques and technology to enhance their businesses, the primary difference between direct selling and direct marketing is that direct selling offers an income earning opportunity to the Direct Sellers (independent contractors who may also be referred to as distributors, consultants, managers, sales agents, and independent business operators, among others).

Information from Direct Selling Association of South Africa

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Do I have to pay money to join the team?

No, you don't have to pay any joining fees or a start-up kit when you register for any of our direct sales consultants. It is 100% free to join. No hidden costs!!!

How much will I earn on the products that I sell?
As an direct sales consultant you get between 15% and 40% commission. Payment structures and methods differs between companies. The more you sell the more you earn.
What does the training cost?

Training is free. Most companies offer online training. You need to join a Tupperware New Demonstrator Training workshop, closest to your area.

Can I have products delivered directly to my client?

Yes, Annique, AMC Cookware and Honey can deliver directly to your client. You can choose with each order where it should be delivered. Delivery anywhere in South Africa at an small additional cost. 

You can choose for the products to be delivered to you, if you would like to deliver directly to your customers.

Tupperware must be collected from the warehouse. You can then deliver to your customer or arrange a courier. 

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